LooK Watch ( Luxury GPS Locator )

An elegant time – piece that also keeps you safe.

  • Easy Enable and Disable by Wearer.
  • SOS Emergency Call.
  • Automatic Fall Detection Alert.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Medicine Reminder and Notification.
  • Geofence – Alerts if Wearer goes outside specified  Area .
  • Real Time Location -  Can be relayed to Monitoring Centre or Mobile.
  • Breadcrumb Trail Report -  Highlights Path the Wearer Took.

Contact the Office 018435889 or Peter Butler 0860568155 for further information

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LooK Watch can be monitoried by TASK Community Care.


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January 2019


Up to 20 Sensors can be Monitoried via the CareLink unit for the one Annual Monitoring Fee of €66 a year.


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Fall Detector

 The Fall Detector is a device equipped with a help call button and an automatic release of an alarm in case of a heavy fall followed by immobility. It is worn as a wrist watch.


See the downloadable document above  for more information . 

Vibby Fall detector info peter contacts

Silent Bogus Caller Button

TASK Bogus Caller Button protects you day and night

The Bogus Caller Button provides reassurance for anyone who is cautious about answering their door to strangers or people claiming to be tradespersons. It can be used with a telecare base unit to provide protection and give peace of mind, 24 hours a day.


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Product Focus Bogus caller button

A Movement Sensor

A movement sensor is a type of PIR detector that sends an alert following extended periods of stillness that could indicate a fall or a medical emergency has occurred.

The movement sensor can be wall mounted in rooms throughout the home, or placed near the front door or even on kitchen cupboards. If there is too little activity over a certain period of time an alert will be sent to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre in Ireland or to a Carer, alerting them of possible distress.

Motion detectors in the bedroom or bathroom could detect that someone has not left the area in his or her usual pattern. That information will then automatically be relayed to our CareLink Monitoring Centre where trained operators can first call the individual’s telephone to ask if they are all right. The system is invaluable to many people, not only physically, but psychologically as it gives reassurance and peace of mind

See download Movement Sensor

Movement Sensor

Bed Occupancy Sensor

The Bed Occupancy Sensor is simply placed under the mattress covers of a bed. It can be programmed to send an alert immediately when an individual exits the bed. Alternatively, the alarm can be set to send an alert only when a person does not return to bed within a reasonable time.


Chair Occupancy

The Chair Occupancy is placed out of sight under the cushion of a chair. It can send an alert immediately when an individual leaves the chair, indicating a possible fall.


Emergency Alert System.


The Emergency Alert System is an all in one 24/7 solution for the elderly or disabled. It automatically generates alarm calls if a person needs help. The Emergency System consists of a combination of sensors in the home which wirelessly link to one single base unit. Every room in the property can be covered if necessary. It is a complete integrated solution that keeps you safe twenty four hours a day.

The Emergency Alert System is also know  as the 'Active Intelligent Monitoring' (AIM) solution  The all in one system allows you to move freely around without the need to wear a pendant alarm button. You can relax in the knowledge that you are protected, day and night. Enabling you to continue living independently at home

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Product Focus Emergency Alert System

Product Guide.

You can have up to 20 Wireless sensors arournd the home which can trigger  a call to the monitoring centre via the Social Alarm.

Our trained staff will know the name and address and contact details  of the  caller and who is their keyholders They will also know what  type of alarm was activated. Eg Pendant button, smoke alarm , bed sensor ,wandering person alert etc.

The one annual monitoring fee  is charged even if their are several sensors been monitoried.


See our Product Guide below.

TASK Community Care Product Guide