Lola Locator.

TASK are official distributors of the 'Lola' Dementia Locator. We can supply with a SIM card for a monthly fee. Monitoring can be carried out at our 24/7 monitoring centre or you can choose to monitor from your home, to locate a loved one who may have got lost. 

Prevents Falls & Wandering.

Lola capabilities providing two-la locates and recovers indivuals by GPS location tracking technoligies. This small portable locator is combined with celluar phone capabilities providing two way communication between the holder and designated recipient. With SOS  emergency button and built in fall detector . Lolais suitable for situations when you are at risk due to being alone .Includes optional audiable medication reminder function.

Your Peace of mind.


Compact enough to be attached to the holdiers  key chain or carried in a pocket,backpack or handbag. Also optional accessories available so can be worn as on a belt,lanyard or wrist strap. 

Up to 3o hours operation per charge( certain parameters may apply ) Batterysleeping mode lastup to 5 days for extended usage.

Lola Product Focus .

LooK Watch ( Luxury GPS Locator )

An elegant time – piece that also keeps you safe.

  • Easy Enable and Disable by Wearer.
  • SOS Emergency Call.
  • Automatic Fall Detection Alert.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Medicine Reminder and Notification.
  • Geofence – Alerts if Wearer goes outside specified  Area .
  • Real Time Location -  Can be relayed to Monitoring Centre or Mobile.
  • Breadcrumb Trail Report -  Highlights Path the Wearer Took.



The Look Watch is an elegant time piece for both women and men. It has been carefully designed to ensure the safety and well -being of the wearer.  Equipped with cellphone connectivity.  GPS tracking, an SOS button and much more. The stunning time-piece is designed using anti-scratch sapphire glass, a stainless steel body and is water resistant. It is available in a variety of colours

LooK Watch ( Luxury GPS Locator )

The Look Watch can be monitoried by our Responce Centre in County Meath.


 Contact the Office 018435889 or Peter Butler 0860568155 for further information


Help at the touch of a button .



Assistive technology Carephones enable the user to feel more safe and secure in their own home. This not only improves quality of life for the elderly, physically impaired or those living alone; friends and family also appreciate the assurance that their loved ones can be helped quickly in an emergency.

With our assistive technology devices and environmental sensors, users are reassured that the appropriate response for each type of alarm can be summoned

Fall Detector

 The Fall Detector is a device equipped with a help call button and an automatic release of an alarm in case of a heavy fall followed by immobility. It is worn as a wrist watch. For more information contact Peter Butler 0860568155 or visit

Telecare Dementia Page.  

Silent Bogus Caller Button

TASK Bogus Caller Button protects you day and night

The Bogus Caller Button provides reassurance for anyone who is cautious about answering their door to strangers or people claiming to be tradespersons. It can be used with a telecare base unit to provide protection and give peace of mind, 24 hours a day.


Silent Bogus Caller Button

Wireless Sensors


Up to 20 Sensors can be Monitoried via the CareLink unit for the one Annual Monitoring Fee of €66 a year.


See  Telecare Page  or Telecare Dementia Page.  

TASK Carephone Signal Repeater (Telealarm Compatable)

Contact the Office
018435889 or leave a comment in the section below.

The TASK Carephone Signal Repeater is compatable with the full range of Telealarm / Bosch Carephone operating in the 869Mhz band.

Ideal for large commercial sites, sheltered housing complexes, farms etc.

Made in Ireland 

€399.00 €500.00

You save: €101.00 (20%)


This innovative signal repeater allows for the range of transmission of the standard Telealarm pendant transmitter to be be increased by up to half a kiliometer. This solution is ideal for those wishing to increase the coverage of standard radio transmitters with Telecare systems, for example, for those who spend time outdoors such as a farm yard, garage or shed, the repeater can be deployed to boost the range of transmission of the alarm button. Multiple repeaters can be deployed to increase the distance to an infinite range.

TASK Carephone Signal Repeater Installation

The Telealarm Carephone signal repeater installation is simple and straighforward, simply plug the device into a conventional 12V power, the system will then automatically receive active radio signals operating within its range.

With a 24-hour back-up battery, this repeater unit can serve as extra reassurance for a loved one while they engage with their pastime or work. If required additional repeaters can be deployed to gain greater distance or to alert family members/carers in other locations through an audible and visual alarm.

In addition, the repeater unit may be deployed to overcome transmission problems that may occur in well insulated areas such as basements or large buildings eliminating any potential black spots. This provides a solution not only for telecare users but also for lone-workers or care staff that may be working by themselves to ensure any critical alerts are not missed should an emergency occur.

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