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Fall Detector

 The Fall Detector is a device equipped with a help call button and an automatic release of an alarm in case of a heavy fall followed by immobility. It is worn as a wrist watch.


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Bed Occupancy Sensor

The Bed Occupancy Sensor is simply placed under the mattress covers of a bed. It can be programmed to send an alert immediately when an individual exits the bed. Alternatively, the alarm can be set to send an alert only when a person does not return to bed within a reasonable time.


Chair Occupancy

The Chair Occupancy is placed out of sight under the cushion of a chair. It can send an alert immediately when an individual leaves the chair, indicating a possible fall.


Product Guide.

You can have up to 20 Wireless sensors arournd the home which can trigger  a call to the monitoring centre via the Social Alarm.

Our trained staff will know the name and address and contact details  of the  caller and who is their keyholders They will also know what  type of alarm was activated. Eg Pendant button, smoke alarm , bed sensor ,wandering person alert etc.

The one annual monitoring fee  is charged even if their are several sensors been monitoried.


See our Product Guide below.

TASK A4 Product Guide

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Pendant alarms for frailty, tremors, neurological conditions