The Lola Locator.

TASK are official distributors of the 'Lola' Dementia Locator. We can supply with a SIM card for a monthly fee. Monitoring can be carried out at our 24/7 monitoring centre or you can choose to monitor from your home, to locate a loved one who may have got lost. Watch the short video below to find out more about how it works .



Peter Butler  on 0860568155  or the Office 018435889.



The Lola Locator.

Peter Butler Information Leaflet on the Lola Locator (1)

LooK Watch ( Luxury GPS Locator )

An elegant time – piece that also keeps you safe.

  • Easy Enable and Disable by Wearer.
  • SOS Emergency Call.
  • Automatic Fall Detection Alert.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Medicine Reminder and Notification.
  • Geofence – Alerts if Wearer goes outside specified  Area .
  • Real Time Location -  Can be relayed to Monitoring Centre or Mobile.
  • Breadcrumb Trail Report -  Highlights Path the Wearer Took.

Contact the Office 018435889 or Peter Butler 0860568155

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