Dementia in Ireland


Dementia is a general term used to describe cognitive impairment in an individual. The underlying cause of dementia is brain cell death. This may be related to natural ageing, a neurodegenerative disease, stroke, tumour or head injury. Almost 1% of Ireland's population suffers from some sort of Dementia, which is around 38,000 people. At Ireland's current population growth rate this figure is set to increase to 58,000 by 2021 and 104,000 by 2036. In Ireland the most common underlying cause of Dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease, which accounts for somewhere between 60-80% of cases.


Active Intelligent Monitoring

Our Active Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) Fall Detection & Dementia Alarm System provides your loved ones with an effective way to stay independent and safe 24 hours a day.

Every room in the home can be covered. If a person falls the AIM system will trigger a call to our 24/7 CareLink Monitoring Centre in County Meath.

Click on the video link below to watch our YouTube explainer video of how it works.

Active Intelligient Monitoring

For further information contact the office on 018435889 or Peter Butler Area Representative for
TASK Community Care on 0860568155 or leave a message in the comments section.

What if the person forgets or is unable to press the pendant.


If a person has the CareLink social alarm and pendant shown in the centre of the above photo.

They can replace  the pendant the originally  got with a  Fall Detector or Man Down sensor .

Both these sensors depend on the person wearing the sensor.

The Fall detector is worn on the wrist.

The Man Down Sensor is worn around the neck.

Fall Detector.

The Fall Detector is a smart device equipped with a help call button and an automatic fall detector which detects a heavy fall. It is designed to be worn as a wristband permanently for maximum comfort for the user in their every day life.

Product Focus Fall Detector

The Fall Detector is a device equipped with a help call button and an automatic release of an alarm in case of a heavy fall followed by immobility

Mandown Sensor


The Man Down Sensor is an innovative device that has a built-in tilt device, which detects if the person is in a horizontal position such as lying on the floor.  The Man Down sensor will automatically send an alarm when its position remains unchainged after a set period of time.


See document below for more information.

Contact Peter Butler on 0860568155 or the office on 018435889.

Product Focus Mandown Sensor

Lola Locator


TASK are official distributors of the 'Lola' Dementia Locator. We can supply it with or without a SIM card. Monitoring can be carried out at our 24/7 monitoring centre or you can choose to monitor from your home, to locate a loved one who may have got lost. Watch the short video below to find out more about how it works .



Peter Butler  on 0860568155 .


For more information see my  Lola Locator Page.



Including People with Dementia in the Community



See the videos in the Genio Page

What is Understand Together ?


 Understand Together is a public support, awareness and information campaign led by the HSE, working with the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland and Genio. It aims to inspire people from all sections of society to stand together with the 55,000 Irish people living with dementia.

The campaign seeks to build on the wide range of dementia specific programmes and initiatives already in place around Ireland. It will draw together the people and organisations involved in this work, to join them with wider society, with the health service, with new partners like retail and transport organisations, financial services, and with neighbours and friends, to create a national movement which will help support those living with dementia and their loved ones.

For more information click on the HSE link here


Memory Technology Library Clonmel.

We have supplied  our CareLink and Sensors for the Memory Technology Library which is  connected to our 24hr Monitoring Centre for demonstration purposes .

I can also show the Carelink to family members . 

Peter ButlerClonmel 0860568155



Carers Information meeting

Thanks to the  organisers ,the speakers and the  large number of people who attended on a sunny evening.

I was delighted I could support  this event by providing a stand and  answering questions that people had about Telecare for people with Dementia.