A Caring Community.

Mar. 30, 2018

I have been asked by visitors to my website  www.acaringcommunity.org where did I come up with the idea that

"A Caring Community is a Safer Community."

In 1990 as a young Garda I held  with 20 Neighbourhood Watches and 5 Community Alert Groups

" A Safer Towns ,Villages and Rural Areas  " event   in Clonmel Co Tipperary . The purpose of this event was to celebrate the success in preventing crime that the  20 Neighbourhood Watches  and 6 Community Alerts had in Clonmel Town and Clonmel  Garda District  over a  4 years  period 1986/1990.

The  20 Neighbourhood Watches had first been launched  in the town in 1986/1987

The logo for the Neighbourbourhood Watch was that "Neighbourhood Unity Derters Crime" 

We produced a booklet for the  1990 event called 

"Anybody Can Help To Prevent Crime "

I had learned over the years that people reporting suspicious activity to the Gardai, alarms ,widow locks ,Gardai patrolling areas  could  help to prevent crime.

If asked  what was the best crime prevention  of all  ? 

I would say " A Good Neighbour " and of course if a groups of neighbours meet to set up a Neighbourhood Watch or A Community Alert for their Area all the better.

Finally I came up with the Logo for Community Alert Groups

" A Caring Community is A Safer Community " which I felt reflected Community Alert Groups in 1990s  which   helped to prevent crime but also looked after the Older and Vunerable Persons in the Community.

For further Information see  my web page  Good Neighbours .