ALONE, the organisation which supports older people, have teamed up with Gavin James and Bonfire Dublin to release their ‘Now more than ever’ campaign, a series of short videos on loneliness featuring Gavin James’s music, which call on members of the public to stay in touch with the older people they know who may be feeling lonely whilst cocooning. All six videos are available to watch here.

Test Call.


Now is a good time to Test Call that the Social Alarm installed is on standby mode and that he or she has their pendant button on them. For more information check out the TEST Call Page .

Charities Regulator urges the public to support registered charities

The Charities Regulator has published a Report into the findings of its Impact on Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Charities Survey. A total of 2,223 responses to the survey were received representing a significant cross-section of Irish registered charities.

Some key findings of the survey are:

  • 55% of respondents said their charity’s finances were uncertain or in difficulty.
  • While 29% of respondents indicated that their charity did not fundraise, of the 71% of respondents who said that their charities do fundraise, 90% stated that their charities have had to cancel or postpone fundraising for 2020.
  • 54% of respondents were concerned that their charity may be unable to continue providing services for more than 6 months. Within this group, approximately 9% of respondents were concerned that they may not be able to provide services for more than 1 month, 28% for more than 3 months and 17% for more than 6 months.

There were also some positive findings from the survey including the following:

  • 45% of those surveyed said they felt their charity’s finances were reasonably secure;
  • 73% of respondents said their charity trustees continued to communicate via email or by meeting remotely;
  • 52% said that they had reached out to other charities to discuss plans to deal with the current situation;
  • A number of respondents detailed how their charities were embracing technology and new practices to continue to deliver much needed services where possible and as an alternative means of fundraising.
  • 89% of respondents said that due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) they regarded their charity’s annual reporting obligations and maintaining an accurate Register of Charities to be as important as always.

See full report on on  click here


Contact the office 018435889
As a result of Covid-19, we have made some changes to the installation service that customers should be aware of;
TASK installers will now deliver units to customer's premises but will not carry out an installation unless this has be pre-agreed. Customers can also opt for equipment to be delivered by An Post. Full installation instructions and details of telephone support will be included with each alarm unit.

Visit websites :


Can you make a grant application on behalf of another person ?

See the March 2020 Leaflet on Seniors Alert Scheme below.

Seniors-Alert-Scheme-leaflet-march 2020

COVID - 19 Information from across government

The Community Call

Secure Your Home

Check out the Crime Prevention Advice from the Gardai  see PDF Below .



TASK is proud to have sponsored the Tipperary (Ireland) International Peace Awards 2019, and to have had the privilege to present this year's award to Former President of Ireland, Mrs. Mary Robinson. The awards which took place 7th November in the Excel Heritage Centre in Tipperary, were organised by the Tipperary Peace Convention. Many thanks to everyone involved in this excellent event.

Limerick Senior Forum meeting.

Thanks for the to the invitation from Noreen Waters from
Limerick Seniors

To attend Limerick Senior Forum Open Meeting
on Tuesday, March 6th 2018 at 2 pm
in the Granary Library Michael Street Limerick.

Thanks to those that attended and who participtated by asking questions.
Hope it was of benefit to those attending .

"A Good Neighbour deters Crime and helps people to live independently in the Community" Helping to supply Social Alarms since 1996. "

Community Support For Older Persons.

Community Groups have been applying for Social Alarms for persons over 65 years of age living in their Community since 1996.

Originally called Community Support For Older Persons .

In 2010 the grant scheme was reviewed and is now called the Seniors Alert Scheme.

The Seniors Alert Scheme since Sept 2015 is been managed by Pobal



See Seniors Alert Scheme Page.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighourhood Watch First Launched in Ireland in 1986.



What is Neighbourhood Watch?  

Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention and community safety programme for urban areas. It operates as a partnership between An Garda Síochána and the public. It works on the basis that every member of a community can help to improve the quality of life in the area by keeping a look out for neighbours and reporting suspicious activities to the Gardaí. 

How do I set up a Neighbourhood Watch.

Contact your local Garda station and see if there is a scheme in existence. Your local Community Garda will also be able to advise in cases where a scheme is in existence but needs to be revitalised

See  An Garda Siochana Neighbourhood Watch Page.  


How to setup A Community Alert


To set up a group in your area, contact your local Garda Station or your local the Muintir na Tíre Community Alert Development Officer (Tel: 062-51163 ) The group may be set up in response to community demand or as a result of Garda contact. It is important to canvass local residents with a view to securing their support and involvement before introducing a group in the area. 

TEXT Alert

 How theTEXT ALERT Works

A Local Resident observes some suspicious activity and calls  the 24 Hour Garda Station

The nature of the suspicious activity is analysed by An Garda Siochana to determine if an alert is appropriate.   If  decided an alert is  necessary they next question to decide is it appropriate to deliver to all registered households in  the Scheme .

The Garda contact the service provider and the Text Alerts are sent to the Community members in a timely manner.

The TEXT Alerts details sent by the Provider to registered members should not be added to or altered in any way.

The photo shows  4 types of suspicios activity..

If you hear or see something that you think is suspicious phone the Gardai.