The Telealarm Carephone TA74 on stand bye mode.

GSM,IP or Landline.

1. The Red light and Blue light should both be on in standby mode .

If both on simply press the big red button on unit and let a Test call go through to monitoring centre.

2 If the Blue light is  flashing  press and hold for two seconds  it will announce  a fault message ,

(A) Eg Power Failure ie Electricty off ( Base Unit when fully charged will still work up to five days and will recharge when electricity is reconnected ).

 (B) Eg Line Failure  ie Phone Line not connected or phone line not working .


You can on your mobile ring the 24 hour support no  018435924 or Office No 018435889 

Check Leads are Connected.

  1.  Check for dial tone on Landline  phone ( if none check the following) :
  2.  Check The telephone lead is connected to underside of white unit.
  3.   Check that the telephone lead from wall is also connected to unit and wall
  4. Check the power socket lead  is plugged into wall and unit and power switch on the wall is turned on.

THE BASE unit will have a unit no underneath like   Ad10.... which will help the staff  identify the problem .

2 . Alarm should display Caveo Ready when in standby mode.(CAVEO)
3 Alarm Blue & Red Buttons on in standby mode.
4 New Alarm Blue & Red Buttons on in standby mode .

If the Blue light is flashing ( for alarm 3 or 4 New Alarm } press and hold for two seconds it will announce what is the current status of alarm.

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As a result of Covid-19, we have made some changes to the installation service that customers should be aware of;

TASK installers will now deliver units to customer's premises but will not carry out an installation unless this has be pre-agreed. Customers can also opt for equipment to be delivered by An Post. Full installation instructions and details of telephone support will be included with each alarm unit.

Where a customer needs TASK to install the alarm, our installers will wear a face mask, and will disinfectant the monitored alarm and any surfaces they have touched before leaving the premises. Customers must also remain in another room during the installation, or at least 2 metres away from the installer at all times.

To further mitigate against the risk of Covid-19, TASK installers will complete the installation/keyholder form by telephone with the customer.

For forms requiring a signature, including the installation/keyholder form, our installers can temporarily do this on behalf of the customer to avoid unnecessary contact. The installer will stay at least two steps away. A copy of the signed form will subsequently be sent to customers.

Special arrangements for customers impacted by Covid-19 have also been put in place.

In these difficult times, we want you to know that you can rely on us to keep you connected 24-hours a day, when it matters most.


TASK will keep all customers up-to-date through  website and via our Social Media channels.


TASK Community Care Office No 018435889


Flashing Green Light

Click on above button to play video .
24 HRS Technical Support 018435924.

Replacement Pendant.