A Definition of Telecare

Pendant can be worn as
a watch or attached around the neck with a Safety lanyard with a break away clip.

Telecare Is the continuous monitoring of the home environment,in order to facilitate independent living . It involves using technology to monitor a persons independence and summon help if needed.




The CareLink is  connected to the  Landline connection and an electrical socket.

The person can activate a call to the 24/7  Monitoring Centre by Pressing the Red Button on the Unit or the Button worn as a wrist watch our around the Neck.



Wireless Sensors.

                                        A Community Alarm.

 Up to  20   sensors can be monitoried via the CareLink. See some of the sensors that can be monitoried in the  Photo to the right .The one annual  monitoring fee  is charged  even if a peson has 20 sensors been monitoried .

 Eg : The Fall Detector  than can be used for a person living alone who may forgets to press the pendant if they fall

(The Fall Detector depends on a person wearing the sensor and it will automatically place a call to our monitoring centre on detecting the G force of a fall followed by no movement.

If the person lives alone and forgets to wear his or her pendant the solution maybe Active Intelligent Monitoring.




No landline? Our GSM alarm connects using a SIM card

Our GSM alarms are monitored telecare alarms, for use in homes with no landline. These monitored alarms work via a SIM card. When you press your emergency button, the SIM card connects over a mobile network to our CareLink Control Centre Operators in County Meath. With a GSM alarm, even if you have no landline at home, you can relax knowing that you have a 24-hour connection, should you need help, day or night.



How much does the GSM alarm monitoring & SIM cost?


In addition to the cost of the GSM monitored alarm unit (usually paid at the outset or grant aided through the government's Seniors Alert Scheme) the annual 24-hour monitoring cost of the GSM unit is €66. The cost of a 'multi-roaming' SIM card (which protects you by attaching to the strongest phone network) is a further €72 and includes unlimited emergency calls to our monitoring centre from your GSM alarm and button. Meaning with TASK, you'll never have to worry about running out of call credit at a crucial time, or of receiving any unexpected phone bills.

What if there is a mobile network outage or poor mobile coverage?

Unfortunately network outages happen for various reasons, on all mobile phone networks (e.g. Three eirMobile or Vodaphone). TASK protects you by using a 'multi-network' SIM that attaches to the strongest mobile phone network. This significantly reduces the possibility of a call failing to reach the monitoring centre in the event of a network outage, or because of poor coverage.  If one network is down, the SIM automatically connects to the strongest alternative network.


What is Telecare.

Contact Area Representative Peter Butler on 0860568155 or leave a message in the comment section.

Silent Bogus Caller Button.

If you are unsure of a caller’s identity, press the bogus caller button before opening your door. Once activated, it connects to your monitored alarm & trained operators listen to ensure you are safe. Alternatively, operators can let the caller know that you are not alone. If necessary, they will contact An Garda Síochána or one of your nominated keyholders.  
Compatible with full range of Telealarm and Bosch Carephone alarms.


See Bogus Caller Flyer below for more info

Bogus Caller Button Flyer

Product Focus Fall Detector

The Fall Detector is a device equipped with a help call button and an automatic release of an alarm in case of a heavy fall followed by immobility

Grants Available from Registered Community Groups.

Eligilable Older Person.

A person will be eligible for grant aid if he or she is

Aged 65yrs or over. Living alone  for a signifiacnt period of time or with another   person over 65yrs .

( Must be made aware of Annual Monitoring Costs. (€66 a year with TASK) And Resides within geographical area of the relevant community group.  


 Non Profit Community   Group must first register   with Pobal before grants can be applied for.

See Seniors Alert Scheme Page.

Email peterbutler@taskltd.ie mob 0860568155

Peter Butler