Seniors Alert Scheme

The objective of the Seniors Alert Scheme is to encourage community support for vulnerable older people in our communities through the provision of personal monitored alarms to enable older persons, of limited means, to continue to live securely in their homes with confidence, independence and peace of mind.






Eligilable Older Person.

Pendant can be worn as
a watch or attached around the neck with a Safety lanyard with a break away clip.


A person will be eligible for grant aid if he or she is :

Aged 65 years or older; and   of limited means or resources .

Living alone for a significant period during the day  or with another person who meets the eligibility criteria.

Grant can only be applied for by a Registered Community Group with Pobal And applicant Resides within geographical area of the relevant group.   

( Applicant  must be made aware of Annual Monitoring Costs.  First year monitoring free for new applications since Nov 2017 

(€66 a year with TASK from year two  onwards  ) 



The Carelinkā„¢

The Carelink™ is  connected to the  Landline connection and an electrical socket.

The person can activate a call to the 24/7  Monitoring Centre by Pressing the Red Button on the Unit or the Button worn as a wrist watch our around the Neck.


No Landline No Problem


TASK Community Care can supply a  CareLink™ and Pendant that uses the GSM network to phone our 24hour monitoring centre  when the red button on the unit or the button on the pendant is activated .

The   sim card  is placed in and left in the base unit. A monthly  fee is charged and paid   by a bank standing order to TASK Community Care or the older person can pay  annual fee.  

A grant is available for a Base & Pendant GSM for persons over 65years of Age when applied for by registered community groups with Pobal.


What if there is a mobile network outage or poor mobile coverage?

Unfortunately network outages happen for various reasons, on all mobile phone networks (e.g. Three eirMobile or Vodaphone). TASK protects you by using a 'multi-network' SIM that attaches to the strongest mobile phone network. This significantly reduces the possibility of a call failing to reach the monitoring centre in the event of a network outage, or because of poor coverage.  If one network is down, the SIM automatically connects to the strongest alternative network.


Participant Application Form

This form is completed and signed by older person who is over 65years of age . The registered Community Group covering the older persons area can then apply online for the grant with Pobal.



It is good practice to request eircodes from the Participants as this will help the installers find the address. Many addresses in Ireland are not unique, and the eircode allows them to readily identify the correct address.

For that reason, Eircodes will be a mandatory field in the new system. So let’s start getting into the habit of requesting and checking Eircodes. If the participants do not know their eircode., you can search very quickly on the Eircode Finder website

which can be found on the internet

at: Just enter the address and it will display the related eircode.

Replacement form for A Social Alarm or Pendant only .

Organisations can only apply for replacement equipment for participants who have already registered with the Pobal Seniors Alert Scheme. If a participant advises your organisation that either their base or pendant is not working and needs to be replaced, you must submit a replacement application form.

There are 2 scenarios for Replacements: In Warranty i.e. Equipment & reason for replacement is covered under the Warranty. If “Yes” the equipment and replacement is covered under the warranty, your organisation must contact the original supplier to arrange the replacement.

You must ask the supplier to provide your organisation with the new equipment details i.e. make, model and serial number. Your organisation must complete the Replacement form answering “Yes” to “is it under Warranty” and this will open up boxes for you to submit these new details.


Out of Warranty or Not covered by Warranty (i.e. Equipment is under Warranty but the reason why Participant requires the replacement is not covered e.g. Lost Pendant):

If the Equipment is in Out of Warranty or the replacement is not covered under the Warranty, the Organisation must complete the Replacement form answering “No” to “Is it under Warranty?”

If the Participant is changing system from Landline to GSM or vice a versa this needs to be noted in the Reason for change.  

Sign into your Seniors Alert Scheme   >  Online Account   


Seniors Alert Scheme Pobal.


 Click on Links below for further information.

List of Registered Groups with Pobal.

Seniors Alert Scheme Pobal.





 Personal alarms and telecare for elderly and vulnerable people, are available during the coronavirus pandemic,  the Seniors Alert Scheme also continues to operate, with the  government grant.

If you require any assistance on the Seniors Alert Scheme , Ordering a Personal Alarm & Pendant or other Telecare Products  you can contact  me 

  1. 0860568155
  2. Email  
  3. Office 018435889

Kind Regards

Peter Butler.




CareLink TASK Community Care + Peter Butler Contact Details

Shows how your Carelinkā„¢ works and how the pendant button is worn.

Ordering the Social Alarm.

The group will receive approval for the equipment and be given a 10 digit pin no and asked to phone the No 1 Supplier for their area.

TASK Community Care are the No 1 Supplier for the Counties :

Limerick, Clare and Kerry 

To Order  a Social Alarm  & Pendant from TASK Community Care  contact the Office

01 8435889 or email    Please use the Download Order Form  in next section.





Peter Butler Order form for Social alarm.2020

This form can be used by Registered Community Groups with Pobal
in Counties Clare .Limerick and Kerry